Rally Point

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of Rally Point, a captivating 3D car racing game that puts you in the driver's seat as you compete to claim the coveted first place on a multitude of exhilarating racing tracks around the world. Push your driving skills to the limit as you navigate extreme tracks that span bustling cities, unforgiving deserts, and intricate street circuits. Engage the full power of your vehicle, aiming to achieve the fastest scores within challenging time limits. Showcase your expert steering skills, master the art of drifting through perilous road curves, and ignite the turbocharge of your nitro boost. But beware, as overheating your engine can lead to disastrous consequences. By surpassing time records, you unlock a treasure trove of new vehicles, tracks, and customization options, allowing you to drive your favorite car to the glorious finish line.

How to Play

Prepare to embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you dive into the world of Rally Point. Conquer a diverse range of global tracks that will test your driving abilities to their core. From the vibrant streets of bustling cities to the harsh and unforgiving landscapes of deserts, each track presents a unique set of challenges. Navigate treacherous turns, overcome obstacles, and maintain unwavering focus as you strive to claim the ultimate glory of first place.


  • 3D car rally game with cool effects
  • Five tracks
  • Unlimited nitro with a heating system
  • Different cars to drive
  • This game is playable in fullscreen


Steer - WASD or Arrow keys

Reset - R

Pause - Esc or P

Nitro - Space or Z

Drift - Left shift or X

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