Pill Soccer

Get ready to kick off an enjoyable and easy-to-learn soccer game with Pill Soccer. Whether you prefer playing with online opponents or challenging your friend in the two-player game mode, this game guarantees hours of entertainment. Each match lasts 90 seconds, and your ultimate goal is to score as many goals as possible to secure victory. Utilize bonuses strategically to neutralize your opponent and gain an edge. Keep a close eye on the bonus time and make the most of their activation to maximize your chances of success. Furthermore, in tournament mode, you can earn diamonds to unlock new players and ball skins, adding even more excitement to the game.

How to Play

Pill Soccer offers a dynamic and fast-paced soccer experience that is both engaging and accessible. The intuitive controls make it easy for players of all skill levels to jump right into the action. Team up with friends or compete against online adversaries to showcase your soccer prowess and lead your team to victory.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Pill Soccer, where every match brings a new opportunity to demonstrate your skills. With the ability to collect diamonds and unlock new players and ball skins, the game offers a sense of progression and customization. Stay on your toes, strategize your moves, and experience the joy of scoring goals in this captivating soccer game.

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3D pill-shaped character

Play Pill Soccer online

Game Controls

  • W / up arrow key = jump
  • A / left arrow key = move left
  • D / right arrow key = move right
  • S / down arrow key = kick
  • K / Z = special move
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