Stormy Kicker

To kick off your Stormy Kicker journey, start by selecting your desired national team from a range of options, including renowned teams like Germany, Spain, Brazil, and more. Enter the brackets and embark on the challenge of winning match after match, aiming to reach the finals and secure the coveted title of world champions. Each level presents you with a specific target: scoring a set number of goals, typically three, to emerge victorious.

How to play

As the ball is thrown on a trajectory indicated by a dotted line, your task is to click on the screen at the precise moment when the ball reaches the target spot. With impeccable timing, your striker will connect with the ball, sending it into the net for a goal. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of shots available in each level, so be strategic in your attempts. Going overboard with your shots will result in failure.


  • World Cup championship
  • Vivid sound immerses the game in the world's largest football tournament


Left click at the right moment when the ball is near the red target, and kick the ball right into the net.

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