Happy Snakes

In this entertaining multiplayer game, you may control a playful snake and take on other snakes. You gain size by ingesting scatted luminous dots, same like in Slither.io. You can control other snakes more easily if you are bigger. Take control of the battlefield with fast movements!

How to Play

Hats off to the developers for delivering such an engagingly fun gaming experience without compromising competitiveness. Happy Snakes is an adrenaline-pumping joyride that will keep your gaming senses on high alert, and yet leave you with joyous satisfaction after each encounter.

Happy Snakes is more than just another multiplayer game; it’s a thrilling safari into the wilds of arcade nostalgia packed with modern-day survival dynamics. A must-try for snake game devotees and newcomers alike. Game on!


  • Multiplayer snake game featuring happy snakes
  • Three field sizes to play: small, medium, and large
  • Various snake skins to use
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Mini-map to see the location of other snakes

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A novel spin on the well-known snake and worm game genres, Happy Snakes is an addicting multiplayer game. Prepare to win this intense survival challenge by slithering your way to the top. Happy Snakes differentiates out from other games in the category with its captivating gameplay and vivid graphics.

Be the longest and strongest snake on the leaderboard by competing against gamers from across the world. To assert your supremacy, gather vibrant orbs, outwit rivals, and cleverly trap them. Join the craze and enjoy Happy Snakes' thrills right away!


Use your mouse to move and press left mouse button to boost speed.
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