Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Bearsus, an action-packed game where you take on the role of a formidable brawler bear, facing off against other fierce bears in a variety of thrilling fighting arenas. Engage in intense battles with the utmost ease, thanks to the classic and irresistibly simple two-button control scheme. Choose from a diverse roster of 8 playable wrestling bears, each with their own unique set of moves, allowing you to craft a fighting style that is truly your own. Sharpen your claws, brace yourself, and dive into the heart-pounding Arcade Mode, pitting your skills against 5 powerful grizzly bears. As you conquer each opponent, unlock new fighters and vibrant color palettes to further enhance your experience. Alternatively, challenge a friend in the exhilarating 2-Player Mode, engaging in epic battles that will test your mettle. For those seeking an even greater challenge, the Endless Mode awaits, where your health carries over from one round to the next. Do you possess the strength and determination to rise as the undisputed champion of the forest, wielding your bear hands with unmatched skill and power?

How to Play

In Bearsus online, the roar of battle echoes throughout the arenas as you unleash the ferocious power of your chosen wrestling bear. Engage in high-stakes confrontations against formidable opponents, utilizing a simple yet dynamic control scheme that ensures a thrilling gameplay experience. With a selection of 8 unique wrestling bears at your disposal, each with their own distinct moves and abilities, you have the freedom to create a fighting style that suits your preferences. Explore different combinations and strategies, honing your skills to perfection as you dominate the fighting arenas.


Play as a bear fighting against bears

Choose from 8 playable wrestling bears with moves

Sharpen your claws

Fight 5 grizzly bears

Become the champion of the jungle


  • Move & Jump - A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys)
  • Attack 1 - A, A (or Left, Left)
  • Attack 2 - D, D (or Right, Right)
  • Double Jump 1 - A, D (or Left, Right)
  • Double Jump 2 - D, A (or Right, Left)
  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) A (or Left)
  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) D (or Right)
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