Water Color Sort

Immerse yourself in the captivating puzzle game, Water Color Sort, where your objective is to unravel the secrets of color mixing and sort liquids with precision. The challenge lies in moving the fluids into the appropriate tubes until each tube contains only a single color. Put your logical thinking to the test as you navigate the complexities of this vibrant world.

How to Play

In Water Color Sort, the key to success is to approach each level with a strategic mindset. Think logically, analyze the properties of each liquid, and devise your own unique method to achieve the desired color arrangement. However, should you encounter obstacles or make mistakes along the way, fear not! The game offers helpful hints and the ability to undo your last move, ensuring that you can overcome any hurdles in your path.

To add an extra layer of excitement, share Water Color Sort with your friends and embark on a friendly competition to determine who can complete the game in the shortest time possible. Challenge each other's problem-solving skills and witness the joy of victory as you conquer each level with finesse.


Arrange all the liquids to complete the level

A challenging yet relaxing game to train your brain


  • Select/Move Bubble - Tap or Left mouse click
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