Combat Reloaded

Enter the captivating world of Combat Reloaded, a cutting-edge online cooperative shooting game created by the gifted NadGames team. You join an elite unit with the one objective of defeating your adversaries in this action-packed arena. Combat Reloaded features a wide variety of modes and a huge selection of creatively created maps, so be ready for a gaming experience like no other. Combat Reloaded offers a thrilling and immersive experience unlike any other, whether you want to team up with up to 10 other players in an established chamber or design your own bespoke Deathmatch.

How to play - Combat Reloaded

In Combat Reloaded, the power lies in your hands as you create your own custom Deathmatches. Tailor the rules, settings, and map choices to reflect your personal preferences and playstyle. Unleash your creativity and challenge your friends or foes to engage in unique and unforgettable battles. The possibilities are endless as you experiment with different combinations and configurations to create the ultimate custom Deathmatch experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Combat Reloaded and forge your own path to victory.

Also, try the sequel Combat Reloaded 2 released in 2019, with many innovative players.


  • Online gunfight with many people
  • There are 5 modes
  • Dozens of unique maps
  • Join 1 room with up to 10 players


  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • WASD to move around the arena
  • Spacebar to jump
  • 1-9 number keys to change weapons.
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