Soccer Random

Prepare for a soccer game like no other as you dive into the whimsical world of Soccer Random. With limited controls and hilarious physics, this two-player soccer game promises endless laughs and unpredictable moments. Hop along the pitch and challenge your opponent, all while being confined to just one move.

How to Play Soccer Random

In Soccer Random, your options may be limited, but the fun is boundless. Use the up arrow or left-click to execute your signature move, which serves as your sole means of control. Each kick controls both characters on your team, adding an extra layer of chaos to the game. However, be prepared for the unexpected, as the outcome may not always align with your intentions. To add more excitement, you can hold your kick in the air by pressing and holding the action button. This strategic move can come in handy when deciding between random kicks or inaction.

After each goal in Soccer Random, brace yourself for a new location with a fresh set of characters. The ever-changing environment keeps the game thrilling and ensures no two matches are alike. To emerge victorious, one team must secure five wins before their opponent. Whether you choose to play solo or with a friend, Soccer Random guarantees a riotous and unforgettable experience.

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Play on various pitches

Unique characters and settings

Limited controls and wacky physics

Play the game with a friend or solo


Press W or up arrow to jump and kick.

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