Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and lush virtual realm with Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania, the latest addition to the captivating genre of arcade ball games. This game puts a colorful twist on the classic Bubble Shooter Games, transporting you into a captivating jungle setting that is both entertaining and immersive.

How to Play

The concept is simple yet captivating – your mission is to shoot and pop bubbles in a sprawling jungle landscape, relying on your skill, strategy, and a whole lot of fun! With its daily rewards, boosts, and power-ups, Jungle Bubble Shooter Mania offers more than just bubble blowing. It challenges you to strategize and carefully plan your moves to maximize your points and achievements.

The game truly shines with its unique jungle-themed backdrop. The vivid setting brings the gameplay to life as you navigate through various levels, popping colorful bubbles with precision. Each bubble you destroy adds to your points, propelling you up the leaderboards and towards gaming glory.


  • Bubble shooting takes place in the jungle
  • With more than 40 levels
  • The graphics are a combination of an original bubble shooter and a jungle theme
  • Background music has bubbles and animal sounds


Use your mouse

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