Village Builder game

Embark on an extraordinary journey in Village Builder, an engaging strategy game that challenges you to build a prosperous settlement from the ground up. With multiple starting maps to choose from, your mission begins by placing houses strategically and gradually progresses to more complex structures, aimed at improving culture, production and management. manage your resources.

How to Play

As you select a unit and hover over a tile to place it, you'll notice numbers indicating the points you'll earn from the placement. Pay close attention to these details, as each decision plays a crucial role in maximizing the potential of your settlements. Additionally, when hovering over a unit, you'll discover specific requirements for placement, such as mandatory neighboring tiles. By carefully considering these prerequisites, you can optimize your point accumulation and elevate your civilization to new heights.

Each successful building contributes to your leveling up, unlocking a plethora of new units to choose from. Embrace this unique opportunity to customize and advance your civilization in a way that reflects your strategic prowess. Explore every map, unravel its hidden treasures, and witness your empire evolve into a formidable force that will withstand the test of time.


Build a settlement

Improve culture, production, resources

Each successful building will accumulate to level up


Use the left mouse button or your finger to select, place, upgrade, move, or remove a unit.

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