Jewels Blitz 5

In this match three puzzle game, you must remove identical gems from the board by grouping them into groups of three or more. You must accomplish a set number of objectives in each level as well. You could have to eliminate 10 blue stones and six red gems, for instance.

How to Play - Jewels Blitz 5

Play the ultimate game of gem matching! Your objective in this game is to swap and match jewels to create groups of three or more. By matching these gems, you may make space for additional gems to fall by clearing them out. Aim to combine four or more gems to create a strong seal that may destroy entire rows in your following move for an explosive boost.

Play to your strengths by wisely using boosters. With the use of these potent instruments, which are available for purchase with gold coins, you may remove a lot of gems at once. Utilize them strategically to complete tasks quickly and stop the time.

Additionally, assembling bigger groups of identically colored gems reveals an exciting ladder of bonuses, each with stronger benefits. Get ready for a thrilling voyage through stunning jewel arrangements!

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  • Shiny, vibrant diamonds that you can mix and match
  • Different goals to accomplish with a star rating
  • With the use of powerful gems and explosives, completely clear the board
  • Continue down the old jewel-matching mystery road


Drag the left mouse button to match the tiles.

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