Goalkeeper Wiz

Gear up and prepare to take on the role of a skilled goalkeeper in Goalkeeper Wiz. Put on your gloves, take your position on the goal line, and get ready to guide your team to the pinnacle of the world championship. In each match, your objective is to defend your goal against ten shots from the opposing team. Your agility, reflexes, and anticipation will be put to the test as you aim to make crucial saves and protect your team's chances of victory. For every three successful saves you make, your team will score a goal, bringing you closer to championship glory. Are you ready to become a true goalkeeping wizard?

How to play

In Goalkeeper Wiz, you will experience the thrill and intensity of being the last line of defense for your team. Your ability to read the game, dive, and make acrobatic saves will be paramount in securing success. With each shot that you block, you not only prevent the opponent from scoring but also contribute to your team's offensive prowess.

Challenge yourself in a series of matches, honing your skills as you strive for the ultimate goalkeeping mastery. As you progress, the difficulty will increase, testing your abilities to their limits. Can you handle the pressure and emerge as a formidable force between the goalposts?


World champion title

Protect your goal


Move the mouse to catch the soccer ball.

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