Pet Connect

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Pet Connect, a captivating puzzle game adorned with pictures of adorable animals. Combine matching tiles featuring cute cats, playful puppies, cuddly pandas, lovable seals, and an array of other charming creatures. Your ultimate objective is to clear all the tiles from the table before the time displayed in the bar at the top of the screen runs out.

How to Play Pet Connect

In this engaging connect game, your task is to pair up tiles that match. To establish a connection, you can draw a line between two tiles. However, there are certain rules to follow. The line between tiles can make no more than two right-angle turns, and it must not intersect with any other tiles on the board.

As you progress through each level, expect variations in gameplay. For example, tiles might slide across the board when you create a gap, adding an extra layer of challenge. Additionally, the tile set will expand, introducing new captivating pictures. At the top of every level, you can monitor the time remaining to complete the puzzle. Successfully combining a set of tiles will add more time to the bar, allowing you to continue your gameplay.


  • Connect various cute pets
  • Easy for kids to play
  • Many types of fun puzzles
  • Play for free


Left click to choose a pet.

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