Monkey Mart

Embark on an exciting journey in Monkey Mart, an engaging management game where you play as a diligent and adorable monkey who has just established his own supermarket. Are you ready to help this ambitious primate and assist him in managing his bustling store?

How to Play

In Monkey Mart, your mission is to ensure the smooth operation of the supermarket. Start by planting a variety of fruits and adapt to the changing seasons as you progress through the game. Watch as the stalls become filled with an assortment of delightful products, including bananas, corn, and much more. Customers will flock to your store, selecting their desired items and patiently waiting at the checkout counter.

As the diligent monkey manager, it's your responsibility to process the payments and maintain a steady cash flow. Be quick and efficient as you handle transactions, adding the money to the register. Your success will unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to upgrade your character, unlock new job opportunities, and even recruit additional workers to join your supermarket team.


  • Control a monkey character in charge of a supermarket
  • Fill the stands with various food items
  • Unlock new paths and grow your market with new products
  • Make sure to upgrade your character's management skills
  • Don't forget to wear cool hats


Move - WASD or Arrow keys

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