Princess Lovely Fashion

Step into the enchanting world of Princess Lovely Fashion, a captivating simulation game that allows you to indulge in the art of dressing up a princess with an array of stunning outfits and accessories. Immerse yourself in a world of style and fashion as you explore a vast collection of stylish items.

How to Play

Within this extraordinary game, a plethora of fashionable items awaits your discovery. From an extensive range of shoes, boots, hats, clothes, pants, to even super cool hairdos, the options are boundless. Delve into various styles and colors, and let your imagination run wild as you curate the perfect ensemble for your princess.

What sets Princess Lovely Fashion apart is its endless possibilities. If the available clothes don't quite match your vision, fear not! Unlock a treasure trove of additional outfits by engaging in captivating mini-games. These intriguing challenges not only provide entertainment but also offer the chance to expand your wardrobe and unlock new fashion gems.


  • Makeup and outfit selection
  • You can apply lipstick, eyeliner, foundation and powder to each
  • Use your design abilities to make them look stunning
  • Unlock all achievements


Use the left mouse button to play the game

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