Experience the exceptional puzzle platforming in Cover Orange: Pirates, where your strategic thinking is tested as you protect our orange friends from the impending threat of acid rain. Our beloved citrus hero is back for more action, this time navigating treacherous waters filled with cunning pirates. You are tasked with stacking and arranging various objects to create a shelter that protects the oranges from harm while an angry cloud passes overhead.

How to Play

You must carefully drag and drop every available object in a way that forms a sturdybarrieraover the oranges, ensuring their safety. The gameplay takes on a thrilling twist as you navigate the perilous pirate-infested environment. But the challenge doesn't end there! Each level conceals a hidden star, adding an extra layer of excitement and rewarding your keen observation skills.

To enhance the experience, share the captivating world of Cover Orange: Pirates with your family and friends. Unleash the power of collaboration and enjoy solving these engaging puzzles together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and delight.


Protect your oranges from the deadly pirate rain

Build a shelter


Move chest - WASD, Arrow keys or the pointer

Drop chest - Space bar

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