Roper Pass Game

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating platforming experience like no other with Roper. In this captivating game, you take control of a running character as you navigate through numerous levels filled with obstacles and treacherous cliffs. With just a single tap, guide your character across the terrain, but beware, for they only come to a halt when they collide with a solid object or a wall. Your timing is crucial as you tap and jump at the precise moment to ensure your character keeps running in the right direction. To add an extra layer of excitement, tap again and hold to swing off platforms adorned with the distinctive brown circle.

Roper - How to Play

In your quest to conquer Roper, you must collect all the coins scattered throughout each level to achieve success. With 100 challenging levels awaiting your mastery, can you rise to the occasion and complete them all?

Prepare to test your reflexes, precision, and agility as you navigate through the intricately designed levels of Roper. Each level presents unique challenges and requires impeccable timing and skill to overcome. The journey promises to be filled with thrilling moments and addictive gameplay.


  • Make your way through an exciting environment filled with coins
  • Collect all the gold in each level
  • Avoid falling into dangerous deadly traps
  • With 100 levels to complete


Action key - WASD, Spacebar, or Arrow keys

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