Master of Numbers

By assembling the most, break all the barriers. People who want to unwind straight away should play the game. As you advance through the various stages, control your intake of numbers; steer clear of big numbers and focus on lesser ones to build yourself up. By skillfully avoiding hazards and choose the best route, you may reach the finish line and get the maximum points. In this innovative and engrossing game, it's time to put your agility and astute reasoning to the test!

How to Play

Enter the game, customize your numbers to move. In this game you have to move your numbers cleverly, you can move left or right to take advantage of touching the numbers to add points. Gradually allow yourself to overcome obstacles with a high score. Try each game mode and see if you can conquer it!


  • Play strategically
  • Move quickly
  • Collect to add up the score
  • Think like a number

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Play this intriguing puzzle games and strategy game called Master of Numbers. Players are plunged in a universe where numbers carry tremendous power and control over them is the ultimate aim in this distinctive gaming experience.


  • Click to move left and right
  • Space to move
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