Hospital Hustle

Step into the captivating world of Hospital Hustle, an incredibly enjoyable management game that puts you in the shoes of a caretaker responsible for a diverse range of patients. Your mission is clear: admit patients, guide them through various treatment processes utilizing specialized machines, and ensure the seamless operation of your medical facility by acquiring essential resources for these machines. But that's not all—recruit skilled doctors, diligent workers, and efficient receptionists to enhance the efficiency of your hospital. Regular upgrades will further boost the abilities and capabilities of your staff, leading to a rewarding experience for both patients and employees.

How to Play

In Hospital Hustle, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of care and efficiency, where every decision you make impacts the well-being and satisfaction of your patients. Manage patient flow, allocate resources wisely, and ensure timely treatment to maintain the happiness bar at its peak. By providing exceptional care, you'll create an environment in which patients feel valued and nurtured.


  • Buy and manage a busy hospital full of patients needing care
  • Deliver treatment in a timely fashion to keep them happy
  • Expand your team with doctors, workers, and receptionists
  • Upgrade the hospital and your team with a variety of options


1 Player

  • WASD / arrow keys => move
  • Left click => interact with the in-game buttons

2 Player

  • WASD => player 1 movement
  • Arrow keys => player 2 movement
  • Left-click => interact with the in-game buttons
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