Pop It Master 3D : Fidget Toys

Step into the realm of Pop It Master, a captivating online puzzle game inspired by the renowned Pop It fidget toys. Immerse yourself in a delightful digital experience where your objective is to press the pops and witness them burst, revealing vibrant and captivating toys. Leave no bubble behind as you embark on a quest for complete popping perfection! And if you manage to gather the entire collection of 80 fidget toys, a marvelous Secret Mode will be unlocked. Get ready to immerse yourself in a truly satisfying digital popping adventure!

How to Play Pop It Master

Engage in a calming and therapeutic experience as you navigate the world of Pop It Master. Your task is simple yet addictive—press the pops to pop them, one by one. With each satisfying burst, a colorful and charming toy will be unveiled, adding to your collection. Pay close attention to detail and ensure that no bubble is left unpopped. Let the calming sounds and tactile sensations wash over you as you dive deeper into the soothing world of Pop It Master.

Unlock the Secret Mode

For the most dedicated and persistent players, a special reward awaits. By successfully gathering the complete set of 80 fidget toys, you will unlock the highly coveted Secret Mode. What mysteries lie within this exclusive mode? Only those who display true mastery and devotion to the popping art will find out.


  • Press the popits until they pop
  • Burst all the bubbles
  • Soothing sound and feel


Pop - Tap or Left Mouse click

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