Down the Hill

Gain points by down the hill along the cells while alternating your direction of movement, avoiding trees and holes. Use extras on cells, such a cube or a mark. The cube will fill the closest holes while the mark will propel you through one cell.
The game's speed picks up with time, and you have to work to avoid losing.

How to Play

In the game, move the character from the stairs from top to bottom to avoid obstacles such as trees and sharp nails. Please move into the box with gold to receive the gold for yourself, and especially the treasure box that gets the most attention when playing the game. Good luck conquering this challenging game!


Move quickly

The game moves over time

Full of dangers and challenges

Rare Treasure Boxes await you

Vivid sound blends with nature

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In the fun game Down the Hill, you go on an exhilarating downhill journey belong Adventure Games. Put your equipment on and be ready to negotiate dangerous slopes, high cliffs, and difficult obstacles. As you sprint to the finish line, tilt your tablet and utilize precise controls to stay balanced. Are you able to climb the hill?


Mouse and touch support. Point and click/tap.

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