Penalty Shooters

Taking a penalty kick can be as stressful as facing the shot as a goalkeeper. It is the only moment in football where a player from each team faces off in an environment that can be interrupted. The stress that arises from knowing that the outcome depends only on your own abilities is overwhelming. It became a tense battle, deciding victory or defeat in just a few seconds. Playing through this game will give you that intense feeling as you try to win.

How to Play

Penalty Shooters is a thrilling sports dueling game that can be played using your mouse. The mouse function changes depending on the position you're playing. When the game begins, you have the opportunity to select your team and player. Your goal is to defeat other teams in a series of penalty kick rounds to earn points and compete for the coveted cup.

As the kicker, a yellow-red target reticle will move back and forth along the bottom part of the goal. By clicking, you can stop it, and the kicker will aim towards that spot. You can adjust the shot's height by holding down the left mouse button and releasing it to take the shot. Whether the shot finds the back of the net or goes wide, you will then switch to the role of the goalkeeper.

As the goalkeeper, you must anticipate the kicker's move. When they decide to shoot, a yellow-red target will appear somewhere within the goal. Your task is simple: click on the target to make the goalkeeper dive towards it. A successful dive will result in a blocked shot. After a block or a missed save, you will switch back to the role of the kicker.


Defeat other teams in penalty shootouts

Try to fool the goalkeeper


Hold your mouse to aim, release to shoot. Timing is very important!

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