Doctor Hero

Step into the shoes of a true hero as you embark on an extraordinary journey with Doctor Hero, a remarkable addition to the world of gaming. This unique 3D game stands out among its category, offering a captivating experience reminiscent of arcade and friv games. Prepare to be enthralled by its distinctive features!

Become the world's most important hero: a doctor!

In Doctor Hero, you have the opportunity to become the world's most important hero—a doctor. Utilize your mouse to control a range of medical equipment in your office. From scanning injuries with ultra-rays to delicately cutting tissues to access bones, your role as a virtual doctor involves healing wounds, stitching them up, and ensuring every ailment, no matter how small, is treated with precision.

Follow the on-screen indicators and click where instructed to administer treatments to patients. As you successfully treat each patient, you will be rewarded, primarily with money.


As a medical intern at the hospital

Level up to become a doctor or surgeon

Diagnose the patient

Surgery for them


  • Use the medical tools using your left mouse button.
  • Drag and move cursor around when prompted.
  • Use - Left mouse button
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