Crazy Cameraman Skibidi

Poor cameraman In the first-person shooting game Skibidi, which is based on the Skibidi toilet series, G-Man has hired you to murder every Cameraman. To finish your goal and win the game, take care to remove them all since they each use a distinctive assault.

How to Play

Enter the game, choose level 1, move to kill the cameramen, be careful of surprise attacks from them. So be careful and eliminate all of them to complete your mission and win this game!


  • Game with 3D graphics
  • Quick move feature
  • You were paid to kill people
  • Unique attack

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Gun games and first-person shooter (FPS) games include the thrilling shooting game Crazy Cameraman Skibidi. You assume the role of a bold cinematographer with a potent camera as the main character. Your goal is to record breath-taking images of exciting action scenes while defending yourself against threats with your dependable weapon.

Crazy Cameraman Skibidi provides an exhilarating first-person gaming experience with gripping gunfights, amazing visuals, and immersive first-person action. Get ready for nerve-wracking situations, tactical shooting, and the difficulty of getting the ideal shot among hectic combat. Become the greatest mad cameraman, are you up for the challenge?


  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = switch camera
  • W = move on
  • S = back and forth
  • A = turn left
  • D = turn right
  • R = Replace ammo
  • G = Throw weapons
  • E = Pick up weapons
  • C = Lean over
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