Harvest Honors

Get ready for a delightful puzzle challenge as you venture into the enchanting world of Harvest Honors. How fast can you match up all the carrots in this captivating game? Compete against gamers from around the globe and showcase your exceptional gardening skills. Can you outshine them and prove that you possess the ultimate green thumb? Aim to harvest more carrots than your opponents in this charming multiplayer game, where the first to reach 100 carrots claims victory in each round.

How to Play

In Harvest Honors, your task is not only to match carrots but also to strategically clear the path by moving objects that obstruct your way. Navigate through the garden and connect those delicious veggies in this captivating match 3 game. Prepare to encounter various items such as buckets, watering cans, and other garden-related objects that need to be rearranged. Thankfully, a wide array of abilities and power-ups are available for you to collect, aiding you in maintaining organization and accomplishing your objectives. Earn coins by completing special missions, allowing you to purchase an abundance of these helpful items.


  • Adorable graphics and addictive gameplay.
  • A leaderboard that lists all the best players.
  • Useful abilities and power-ups.
  • Exciting missions that will reward you with coins.
  • An awesome chat feature that allows you talk to other players.


Use a mouse to play this game.

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