Moto Madness

Each of the four motorbike circuits in the racing game Moto Madness contains five checkpoints. For each checkpoint, you have 30 seconds; don't run out of time! At each checkpoint, you receive a bonus based on how much time is left. Complete every checkpoint on a course to get a bonus of 50,000 points!

How to Play

Moto Madness racing game with a selection of cool motorbikes, racing at high speeds, giving you a challenging race on a desert track or another world racetrack. Quickly choose for yourself the coolest car to conquer the cool racetrack!


  • Racing at high speed
  • Racing professionally
  • Experience many dangers
  • Lively sound when racing
  • Think like a racing champion

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You may have an amazing ride on fast motorbikes in the Moto Madness racing game. You'll need to demonstrate your racing prowess and accuracy as you take on four exhilarating circuits, each with five difficult checkpoints.

However, heed the warning—time is running out! Each checkpoint has a time limit of 30 seconds, so you must go quickly and effectively across the tracks to avoid running out of time. Get ready for stressful maneuvers, heart-pounding races, and the ultimate test of speed and agility. Can you master the Moto Madness courses and win before the timer expires?


  • Mouse and touch support. Point and click/tap
  • W for acceleration
  • A turns left
  • D turn right
  • S slow down
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