Funny Haircut

Welcome to the world of Funny Haircut, an exciting hairstyling game that lets you showcase your creativity by giving your customers unforgettable and unconventional haircuts in your very own salon. Begin by washing and cleansing your customer's hair, ensuring a fresh and pristine canvas for your artistic talents. Armed with an array of professional hairdressing equipment, including curlers, straighteners, dryers, dyes, and hairspray, let your imagination run wild as you craft fresh and daring hairstyles.

How to Play

One of the highlights of the game is its remarkably realistic hair physics, which will make you feel like a genuine hairstylist. As you experiment with different tools and techniques, you'll witness the hair respond and transform just like in real life. Embrace the challenge and trust your instincts as you work your magic, creating looks that will render your customers completely unrecognizable.

Get ready to let your hair down and immerse yourself in the delightful and hilarious world of Funny Haircut. With each snip of the scissors and twist of the curlers, you'll bring smiles and laughter to your clients' faces. So, grab your tools, embrace your inner stylist, and embark on an unforgettable hairdressing adventure!


  • Play the role of a hairdresser at a salon
  • Makeup for women's beauty
  • Use blowers, cut, trim, and wash


Use the left mouse button to click and use items.

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