Mahjong Classic

Indulge in the captivating world of Mahjong Classic, a renowned and free online mahjong game that stays true to its traditional roots. This iconic game will put your logic and memory skills to the ultimate test, offering a relaxing and unrestricted experience with no time limits or constraints.

How to play

The Essence of Mahjong Classic

Mahjong Classic revolves around a collection of 144 tiles, meticulously divided into three primary suits: Dots, Bamboo, and Characters. Each suit features distinct visual elements, such as circles, lines, and Chinese characters. Additionally, you'll encounter a delightful assortment of bonus tiles, including flower and dragon tiles, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

The Art of Matching Tiles

The challenge lies in identifying matching tiles amidst the intricate patterns. While many tiles may appear similar, keen observation and sharp focus are necessary to spot the subtle differences and uncover identical pairs. Remember, you can only match tiles that have at least one of their sides free, as tiles with both sides blocked are immovable. Start from the top of the tile arrangement and methodically work your way down, employing your strategic prowess to conquer the game.

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  • If the combination is valid, both cells will disappear
  • Loads of hints and shuffles to help you
  • Clear, sharp images with great sound effects


Left-click to select a tile.

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