Mahjong Connect 2

Mahjong Connect 2 introduces an "unusual" tile layout that sets it apart from other Mahjong games. The goal is to connect the tiles together using up to three imaginary lines. Use your mouse or finger to draw lines and determine whether the tiles can be connected successfully. However, remember that each line cannot have more than two corners, this will add an attractive highlight to the gameplay.

How to Play

Race Against Time

In Mahjong Connect 2, speed is of the essence. While you strive to make connections, there is a time limit that adds an element of urgency to each level. However, fear not! Every time you successfully match a pair, you will earn extra bonus time, allowing you to extend your gameplay and maximize your progress.

Fun Extras and Helpful Hints

As you delve into the game, you'll discover a range of enjoyable extras on the left-hand side. Take, for example, the telescope, which offers hints to assist you on your journey. Clicking on it reveals valuable guidance, helping you overcome challenges and make strategic decisions.

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Left mouse button to select the pairs.

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