Mob Control

The well-known Voodoo software Mob Control is now accessible online! On our website, you may play the authentic version of this action game. Create an army out of as many people as you can, then send them out to overthrow the opposition.

Gameplay for Mob Control

The objective is to gather a sizable crowd to overwhelm the team of your adversary. Only a few characters are available when you first begin, but you may add more by selecting the right gates along the road. You may reduce, increase, or even multiply the number of letters using these gates. Your troops will start advancing along the road after you fire them off from your cannon, passing through any gates they encounter.

Watch your numbers increase by aiming for the gates that will offer you the most benefit! You'll compete against the bases of your adversary at various crucial times in the levels. Try to capture their position and your points! Between stages, you can construct floating islands using the points you've accumulated. These miniature dioramas include a wide variety of architectural styles and natural settings.

You may generate a large character by filling the gauge adjacent to your cannon. The more potent yellow giant can assist you in capturing the bases. When you prepare to unleash it, keep in mind that you lose your present characters when you go to the next base.

Who was the game's author?

Voodoo created Mob Control, which was initially made available as a mobile application before being converted to the web. Known for games like Slice It All and Bounce & Collect, Voodoo is a French game developer that you should check out if you appreciate Mob Control.

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