Mini Golf Club

Welcome to Mini Golf Club, the ultimate 3D mini golf simulator that combines fun gameplay with hundreds of challenging levels. Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful graphics, realistic physics, and easy-to-use controls. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, Mini Golf Club offers a delightful golfing experience for all ages. Your objective is simple: sink the ball into a series of holes using as few strokes as possible. Get ready to embark on a thrilling golf adventure like no other!

Unique Game Modes: Test Your Skills

Mini Golf Club offers a variety of game modes that will put your golfing skills to the test.

  1. Tournament: Engage in a collection of pre-made and user-designed courses, each consisting of 9 holes. The aim is to complete each course with the fewest strikes possible. Can you conquer the leaderboard and emerge as the ultimate mini golf champion?

  2. Practice: Hone your shooting and aiming skills by practicing each level individually. While completing the levels may seem easy, mastering them takes time and precision. Perfect your technique and become a mini golf pro.

  3. Versus: Challenge your friends and family in turn-based matches for up to 4 players locally on the same device. Take turns showcasing your golfing prowess and see who can claim victory on the green.

  4. Splitscreen: Grab your friends and enjoy a lively mini golf competition on the same device. With up to 4 players, divide the available screen space and engage in thrilling multiplayer matches.

  5. Online Multiplayer: Take your golfing skills to the global stage and compete against friends in real-time. Engage in exciting matches with players from around the world and showcase your mini golf mastery.


  • Mini Golf Club has high replayability thanks to the advanced physics engine.
  • You can play the same level multiple times and you get a different gameplay experience each time.
  • The game supports touch, keyboard, mouse and controller inputs.


  • Drag the left mouse button = shoot ball
  • C = camera mode
  • Arrow keys / Mouse = look around
  • Page up / mouse wheel up = zoom in
  • Page down / mouse wheel down = zoom out
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