Doctor Teeth 2

Visiting the dentist is often an experience met with apprehension, but Doctor Teeth 2 aims to transform it into an enjoyable game. Step into the shoes of an anonymous dentist and encounter a diverse range of patients, both human and non-human. It appears that dental problems can afflict any species, regardless of their nature. This 2D cartoon game presents a series of dentist-themed puzzles, with each patient requiring multiple appointments. While the cause of their dental issues remains a mystery, your sole focus is on providing the necessary treatment.

How to Play

In the gaming realm, there's a peculiar trend of graphic health-related titles gaining popularity. However, Doctor Teeth 2 takes a more toned-down approach. While it may have its moments of grossness, it remains relatively mild compared to some other similar games. You can genuinely appreciate the effort you put into treating the patients and following the various procedures. Certain actions may become repetitive, but the execution becomes increasingly challenging, requiring your attentiveness—a crucial element when working with delicate and hypersensitive teeth.


  • You are a doctor taking care of patients
  • Dental hygiene for patients
  • Experience a day in the life of a dentist


Use mouse or finger to interact

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