StoryZoo Provides Children with a Safe, Fun Space to Learn and Play

A peek into our collaboration with StoryZoo

Young children may study and play in a secure environment thanks to StoryZoo's creation of entertaining and engaging learning experiences. We just introduced StoryZoo Games as part of an exciting relationship; in this blog article, we explore what this includes.

Aiming largely at youngsters between the ages of 2 and 6, StoryZoo was created in collaboration with language schools to introduce the young audience to the English language in a fun way.


StoryZoo and Azerion have similar philosophical philosophies, therefore our team was excited to get the chance to work on a game together. Together, we have created a game that features the well-known StoryZoo characters and blends them with logical and enjoyable minigames. 

Along with other activities, kids may color their hearts out on coloring pages, learn about various animals through word games, and play memory games. What does this partnership represent to the individuals engaged in its creation and how did it come to be?

According to our game's producer Lorenzo De Carlo


StoryZoo's mission is to teach kids via play, so what better way to do so than by using video games as an edutainment medium. While developing a fun educational experience where kids can engage with StoryZoo's lovely graphics and learn something along the way, it was crucial to keep true to StoryZoo. We included a few well-known games that kids like playing, including flashcards, puzzles, and coloring sheets, but we also added activities that let kids practice the language of their favorite animals.

Additionally, we talked with Johannes Gropp, the CEO of StoryZoo, on educating kids with integrity and how to use video games as a teaching tool:

"StoryZoo is now also entering the online world, and the StoryZoo Fans may interact with their favorite characters in a great gaming environment, where 'learning can be fun' is the key message. There isn't a better partner we can think of to build such an online experience, thus we are happy to work with Azerion.

We are really excited of this partnership and wish you and your gamers a ton of fun as you explore StoryZoo Games!

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