Base Defense 2

Experience exciting tower defense in Base Defense 2, where your ultimate goal is to defend your base from relentless hordes of enemies. Deploy a variety of weapons and units strategically to ensure your base is impregnable. Are you ready to command your defense and win?

How to Play

To commence your defense, simply drag and drop your units onto the game field. Your units will automatically engage and attack incoming enemies, leaving you in control of their order and placement. Harness your strategic brilliance as you orchestrate a defense that can withstand the onslaught. Each defeated enemy rewards you with valuable loot, enabling you to improve your existing units or acquire new ones such as gunners, sentries, turrets, and more. Customize your arsenal to suit your tactical preferences and adapt to the evolving challenges.

Game Controls

Drag your units and drop them on the highlighted tile to place them. Your units will attack incoming enemies automatically. If you'd like to upgrade a unit, tap on it and use the upgrade button in the pop-up menu.

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