Noob Drive Game

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure with Noob Drive? Prepare yourself for the ultimate joyride as you take control of the most entertaining vehicles. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you strive to maintain balance, avoiding the perils of tipping over and plunging into the abyss. Your mission is clear: reach the finish line with finesse, ensuring a smooth landing on all four wheels while showcasing breathtaking stunts that defy gravity. Can you maintain your speed even while soaring through the air? Calculate each move with patience, collect abundant gold coins, and unlock a plethora of new vehicles. Will you conquer all 48 levels of excitement that await?

How to Play

You may experience the exhilaration of operating unusual and exciting automobiles in Noob Drive. Seize the opportunity to unleash your inner daredevil by operating these thrilling vehicles. Every vehicle provides a unique experience that ensures countless hours of excitement and enjoyment. As you negotiate hazardous terrain, maintain your balance, and prevent disastrous falls, test the limits of your abilities. With its uneven off-road routes and gravity-defying leaps, Noob Drive will test your driving skills in ways you never thought possible.


  • Drive to your destination as fast as you can
  • Please time the stunts
  • You can buy unique outfits


  • Drive - W/S or Up/Down arrow keys
  • Steer - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Nitro - Shift
  • Restart - R
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