Blumgi Castle Game

In the skill game Blumgi Castle, every few levels, a brand-new, awesome character will be unlocked, so be sure to play as each and every one of them! Check out the special weapons at the top; there are some very fun ones there, including greater explosions, buzzsaws, dynamite, laser beams, and even the teleporting basketball from Blumgi Ball, a sibling game. There is no one proper way to complete a level, so feel free to wreck havoc and take full advantage of this compelling skill game!

How to Play

Enter the game Blumgi Castle Game You are equipped with a variety of explosives and special weapons to drown your enemies in the water, Blow your enemies away or destroy the ground they are standing on! Use the indicator around your character to aim, hold the action button to set the intensity, and drop bombs on monsters. You will successfully complete a level if every creature in that level is defeated. You'll unlock a brand new fun character every few levels, so make sure you play as each of them! Please conquer this difficult challenge!


  • Equip a variety of special weapons
  • Blow away enemies
  • Destroy the ground
  • Drop bombs on monsters
  • Fun characters

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You're taken on a thrilling trip in a mythical realm by the Blumgi Castle Game. As you solve riddles, unearth mysteries, and go on exciting missions, explore the beautiful Blumgi Castle. This game delivers a unique experience with its engaging narrative, gorgeous visuals, and hard gameplay.

Epic fights, secret treasures, and fascinating individuals can all be encountered while traveling. Whether you enjoy exploring new places, solving puzzles games, or engaging in deep narrative, Blumgi Castle Game will have you engaged from beginning to end. Get ready for a fascinating adventure that will put your abilities to the test and inspire your creativity.


  • Aim - A/D or Left/Right arrows
  • Shoot - (Hold down and release) Spacebar
  • Aim - E/R or Left/Right arrows
  • Shoot - (Hold down and release) A or Spacebar
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