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You are ready for an exciting adventure when you become a duck determined to go on a mission. Your goal is to rescue adorable ducklings from the dangers of aquatic life. Be careful of reckless boatmen who may accidentally interrupt your mission by colliding with you, bringing your noble mission to a premature end. Focus on collecting as many ducklings as possible and escorting them safely back to your nest. As you progress, achieve specific goals to enhance and expand your nest, making it the most formidable bird's nest in the bay.

How to Play

Save Ducklings: Explore the vast lake by swimming and search for stranded ducklings. Approach them closely to rescue them and guide them back to their nest. There is no limit to the number of ducklings you can save during each journey.

Nest Upgrades: With each successful rescue, you will gradually upgrade your nest. By repeatedly saving ducklings, you can transform your nest into an impregnable duck fortress, showcasing your dedication and skill.

Avoid Danger: Remember, you are not the only duck on this mission. Compete with other ducks who are also vying to save the ducklings. Stay alert and watch out for cunning rivals who may attempt to steal your hard-earned ducklings. Additionally, be cautious of boats to ensure you don't get hit. A collision with a boat will result in the end of your game.


  • Swim around to collect more ducklings
  • Upgrade your nest to save them
  • Get the highest score
  • Be the last player


Move your duck - cursor

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