Craft Conflict

A spectacular world of strategy and conflict is Craft Conflict! In this fascinating game, you'll gather materials like gold and stone to build towers with the help of mages and archers. You'll also hire strong warriors, mages, and archers. In this thrilling battle, use your tactical prowess and clever movements to prevail! In this captivating game, set out on your trip, conquer new lands, and develop into a true military strategist!

How to Play

In the game you move to defeat the enemy group of 3 people who advance and win gold for you, in addition you need to destroy the rocks to be able to overcome this challenge, collect a lot of gold to build a building. Tower with wizards and archers. Use your strategy to win this clash!


  • 3D game graphics
  • Destroy enemies quickly
  • Collect gold to build a tower
  • Real experience breaking big rocks

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An exciting game called Craft Conflict combines action games with imagination, planning and bloody combat. Enter a vast and dynamic environment where players can gather resources, build structures, and engage in conflict with other groups.

Create elaborate fortifications, potent weaponry, and clever traps to protect your land while letting your creativity run wild. Form coalitions, engage in epic PvP combat, and take over new territories. Craft Conflict provides a distinctive and captivating gaming experience with its rich crafting system and exciting battle features. Are you prepared to carve your own path through this epic struggle and lead your group to victory?


Mouse and touch support. Point and click/tap

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