Ultimate Flying Car

Prepare for the experience of a lifetime with Ultimate Flying Car. In this completely fantastic flying automobile game, the sky is the limit!

In this 3D driving game, two distinct modes are waiting for you. Fly above the city in the Free Ride mode or get ready for a race in the Racing mode. While exploring the streets, highways, and sky above them, what will you learn and who will you meet?

You may test out more than a dozen different flying vehicles and stages. Which car will you ultimately find to be your favorite? Make sure to pilot and test-drive each one. You can also win cash and jewels, which you can then use to open up new levels and vehicles.

What is Ultimate Flying Car Game Play?

In this racing game, you may race on the road or in the air. If you accelerate fast enough, your vehicle will take off. But will you be able to maintain it in the air? Continue exploring until you understand how to use the controls. Then compete in a thrilling race to display your talents!

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