Pirates! The Match 3

Immerse yourself in a captivating match-free game with Pirates! The Match 3. Set sail on a thrilling journey with a superb cartoon pirate theme. Engage in the classic match-three mechanism, where your goal is to successfully match three or more colored gems, causing them to vanish from the playing field. Brace yourself for an exciting twist as special gems and items, like the coveted bottle of rum, make their appearance. Swipe this item and watch as all gems of a certain color magically disappear.

How to play

Uncover the treasure map of the pirates as you delve into Pirates! The Match 3. This game boasts over 60 different levels, each intricately tied to the captivating pirate theme. Your mission is to navigate through the treasure map, charting a course to new destinations in your relentless pursuit of the buried treasure. With each level, the difficulty increases, putting your skills and strategy to the test. But beware, time is of the essence, as you have a limited amount of it to conquer each exhilarating challenge. Can you overcome all the levels and become a master of this thrilling match-three title?


Swap and match gems during your journey

Dig for treasure, open chests, fight enemies

Complete the other missions you are given in each level

Combine gems


Drag left mouse button to move a gem.

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