Sweet Shop 3D

In the amusing retail management game Sweet Shop 3D, you may make and sell candies. Grow fruit, such as blueberries and strawberries. Make yoghurt, chocolates, sugary soda pops, and other things with them!

How does Sweet Shop 3D work?

You may manage a store that makes and sells sweets made from delectable fruit in this shop management game. Grow some delicious berries, such as strawberries, first. Unlock the equipment to start making fruit drinks, yoghurt, candies, jam, ice cream, and more.

Find fresh fruit trees and farmers to take care of them. Hire store assistants to assist you in maintaining the merchandise on the shelves and serving clients at the register. By building up your savings, you may expand your store's offerings. New flavors and goods will become available after each section.

Both your shop management character and your staff members may be upgraded to carry more goods, move more quickly, and do tasks more effectively. You may even see the level map and manage many businesses simultaneously.

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