Merge Gangster Cars

Embark on an exciting journey in Merge Gangster Cars, an innovative car-merging idle game crafted by TinyDobbins. Immerse yourself in a world of gangster-themed automobiles, where your objective is to acquire and merge cars to create even more formidable vehicles. Combine two identical cars to unlock a new and enhanced model, each with its own unique characteristics. Drag your creations onto the race track and witness them zooming past the finish line, earning you valuable coins. Unlock a diverse range of cars as you progress, and seize opportunities to maximize your earnings. Return daily to unlock the most coveted and expensive car this game has to offer, as you establish your very own gangster car empire.

How to Play

Merge Gangster Cars invites you to harness the power of merging as you build your ultimate fleet of unstoppable vehicles. Strategically combine two identical cars to unlock a brand-new car with enhanced performance and capabilities. Each merge brings you one step closer to creating the most dominant gangster car on the road. Discover the thrill of watching your creations evolve and become increasingly powerful with each successful merge.


Match two similar cars to unlock a new and improved car

Drag them onto the track and get coins every time they cross the finish line

There are many types of cars to unlock


Select, drag and move cars - Left mouse button

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