Ninja Cut

Ninja Cut is a simple casual game where you must slash all the bad guys as a Ninja! Have fun!

Ninja Cut - How to Play

In the game Ninja Cut, you play the role of an assassin who overcomes walls and destroys opponents with a fatal slash. It's so attractive, isn't it? You become Mr. flash samurai or Ninja. Turn into a master of fighting and throwing! Choose between melee combat with your sword and ranged attacks when you use katanas or bombs. Play now to pass the next levels!


  • Lively martial arts sound
  • Become Mr samurai flash or Ninja
  • Use katana or bomb
  • Sword cutting master

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Ninja Cut - this is a simple and addictive action game with complex puzzle elements and one of the most complete among spy superhero games is waiting for you.

Keep up your ninja skills to eliminate enemies in Ninja Cut! Here you are left with all your enemies, and you are alone to fight


Drag the left mouse button to aim and release it to slash the enemies.

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