Jewels Blitz 4

Prepare for an immersive puzzle experience in Jewels Blitz 4, where your objective is to align three or more matching gems to create explosive combinations. With limited moves at your disposal, you must strategically collect the required gems and fulfill the level objectives. Unlock powerful bombs and boosters to aid you on your quest.

How to Play Jewels Blitz 4:

Engage in this captivating matching game by removing gems from the board. Swap two adjacent gems by selecting one and dragging it to an adjacent slot. However, remember that swapping is only allowed if it results in a valid match of three or more gems.

At the beginning of each level, you will be presented with the level objective, which entails specific gems and/or special objects that you must remove from the board and collect. Keep track of your progress through the panel displayed at the top of the board, which indicates the remaining items you need to gather.

Bombs and Boosters in Jewels Blitz 4:

As you progress, you can earn various bombs and booster items. For instance, aligning four matching gems will grant you a special stone capable of clearing an entire row or column. The orientation of the glowing ring around the stone indicates the direction of the resulting explosion.

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Shiny, colorful jewels to mix and match

Various objectives to complete with a star-rating

Clear the board with epic effects using super gems and bombs

Progress through an ancient pathway of jewel-matching mystery


Drag of click left mouse button to move the tiles.

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