Jewels Blitz 3

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Jewels Blitz 3, a bejeweled puzzle game adorned with vibrant, sparkling gems. Your objective is to align three or more gems of the same type, causing them to burst into a shower of brilliance. Collect the necessary gems, shatter the icy tiles, and gather the coveted Aztec stones and other treasures to conquer each level on the enchanting map!

How to Play Jewels Blitz 3

Prepare for a thrilling journey as you traverse a meticulously crafted map comprising a series of captivating levels. Along your path, seek out and collect treasure chests and other enticing bonuses by earning stars. To acquire these stars, you must successfully complete the bejeweled puzzles that await you.

Maneuvering the gems across the board is accomplished by tapping a gem and dragging it to swap places with an adjacent precious stone. However, keep in mind that gems can only be swapped if the move directly results in a valid combination of three or more gems. The panel displayed above the board will provide guidance on the specific items you need to collect or remove to progress.

Bonuses await those who excel at combining more than three identical stones. When you align four gems of the same type, a special bomb is created, capable of obliterating an entire row or column when used to complete a combination. This bomb is distinguished by a radiant ring encircling a gem, and the orientation of the ring indicates whether the bomb will clear a row, column, or both.

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  • Free jewel matching game
  • Buy power-ups
  • Get daily rewards
  • Play in full screen


Drag the left mouse button to swap.

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