Candy Blocks

Puzzle game Candy Blocks is a lot of fun. Simply slide the blocks to fill the empty squares and gather the block pieces to level up in this straightforward yet addictive game!

How to Play

In the game, you move the blocks and place them in coincident positions to complete the level. Each level will have many different types of blocks, so make sure to use your puzzle solving skills to fill the boxes. drum.


  • Sharp configuration
  • New entertainment sound
  • Many levels with difficulty
  • There are different types of blocks
  • Fill in the empty cells

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Take a delicious journey into the world of Candy Blocks, where fun meets learning in this delightful offering in the genre of block games and puzzle games for kids.

A treat to your imagination, Candy Blocks is an innovative take on traditional block games, beautifully blending the concepts of puzzle-solving and strategizing. Start by moving blocks into empty spots and collect pieces to level up. It's simple yet challenging, creating a perfect balance that keeps children hooked while also stimulating their mental faculties.


Drag left mouse button to put the blocks.

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