Beaver Weaver

An enjoyable embroidery-focused art and creative game is called Beaver Weaver. Use vibrantly colored threads to create a variety of stunning works of art, from tiny 25x25 mini-canvases to enormous 150x150 stitch grids.

How is Beaver Weaver played?

You choose a little design for the instructional level when playing this art game. You may utilize the stitch bomb and special row stitch bonuses by following the instructions in here.

You are now prepared to select your own designs. They are arranged according to size and subject. The sections that need to be stitched in that color will show the appropriate letter when you choose a thread. Cross-stitch these regions by swiping over them, then fill them in with color.

It resembles a color-by-number game somewhat, except instead of using paint and pixels, it uses vibrantly colored threads and cross-stitching.

You may get coins for each completed work of art. To unlock the artworks you want to attempt next, save up enough money. Some will always be free, but you'll need money to access the unique things.

Who created Beaver Weaver?

Beaver Weaver was created by Nord Beaver.

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Author: Lunar R.

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