Rabbit Samurai 2

In the platform game Rabbit Samurai 2, you must free your rabbit companions who are stranded in an eerie jungle. Pick up every carrot you find by following the pathways. Reach a caged rabbit whenever you see one by navigating a variety of challenges including mazes, tree trunks, springs, and bouncing platforms. Use your ninja abilities to catapult yourself up using your grappling hook and quick reactions. The second installment of Rabbit Samurai is considerably riskier and more lucrative than the previous one! Can you collect all the carrots in Rabbit Samurai 2?

How is Rabbit Samurai 2 played?

Click the left mouse button or hold down the finger to utilize the grappling hook.

How can I get a free copy of Rabbit Samurai 2?

On Frienzygame, you can play Rabbit Samurai 2 for free.

Can I use my phone or computer to play Rabbit Samurai 2?

Both your PC and mobile devices like phones and tablets allow you to play Rabbit Samurai 2.

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