Kitten Hide And Seek

In the amusing running game Kitten Hide & Seek, you must move swiftly to assist the little girl in escaping the large cat. Can you gather the cash and get to the meal unnoticed?

How do you play cat hide-and-seek?

The girl seeks to get a certain item for her little house within the hollow tree in each round of this anime-style cat game. She is only as tall as your thumb, so she needs to take extra care not to be seen by the cat when she creeps into the kitchen.

Every time the cat lifts its head beyond the countertop's edge, run over it and duck behind the vases, cookie jars, charm pouches, and tissue boxes. The cat will search the surface with its brilliant, reflected laser eyes for any young females. Ensure that the cat can't see her.

The honey and oil puddles can slow you down or cause you to fall, so be careful. To furnish the girl's home, gather coins and star currency. You may go to her house to observe how much prettier it has gotten after each round.

Who developed Kitten Hide and Seek?

Kitten Hide and Seek was developed by PuzzleGame.

Lunar R.

Author: Lunar R.

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