Penalty Shooters 2

The objective of the soccer game "Penalty Shooters 2" is to score goals and win the match! Numerous international teams are represented in penalty shooters 2 football. Select a North American, French, or English-language fantasy league. 5 turns are made in each game. This entertaining penalty simulator game lets you score and make stops!

How to Play

In the soccer game Penalty Shooters, you may shoot penalties in the fantasy league of your choice. In stressful penalty shootouts, switch between the shooter and the goaltender. Win the game to stay in the league and increase your chances of winning the championship.


  • Choose between 12 fantasy leagues
  • Choose from 360 unique teams
  • Simple but intense penalty shootouts
  • Continue until you’re the champion!


Use your mouse to play this game. Click and hold to aim and shoot. Release to make the kick. Click and hold to make a save (your goalie will start moving towards to pointer). Release to dive.

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